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The Hagi designated historic spot / Yukawa Family Old Residence.

May 2, 2008 2:11 PM  

I go in every place to a business trip to buy ceramists' new work mostly every month.

I went in Hagi to the business trip in April, 2008.
Immediately after work finished, it always returned to Tottori, but time had a margin on that day.
Then, I went to Yukawa Family Old Residence (旧湯川家屋敷).



The irrigation canal of population called AIBA-GAWA (Aiba river) fixed in 1744 is flowing into the reverse side of Yukawa-Ke.
The Yugawa house was a keeper of this irrigation canal.
Although the guide had said to me that the Yugawa house was a lower samurai, I was surprised at the large house.



hagi08.04.1221.jpg The pond of this beautiful garden is also connected with the AIBA river.



Much TSUKUBAI (water basin) was installed in the Yugawa house.
The janitor had decorated TSUKUBAI with very beautiful TSUBAKI (camellia).

This was very beautiful WABI.

hagi08.04.1222.jpgThis is the washing place currently installed in the house.

The river is flowing in the house! The mortar and pestle under a photograph run by the power of a water wheel.

 Adhesion of water and a life is very deep in the house in Yugawa.

hagi08.04.1218.jpg The upper photograph is a cookhouse.

A lower photograph is an old bathroom.


This is a tearoom.
The interior of a room of the tearoom here was the tearoom which it was bright and was opened.


Supposing you may go to Hagi, please visit once to a Yukawa house and Gensyu-Gama.



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