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Japanese lacquer repair of the broken SEIGAN blue Teabowl.

October 30, 2008 1:59 PM  

The other day, the customer who lives in US bought a SEIGAN blue Teabowl.


But the Teabowl had already broken, when it arrived.



Then, he requested Japanese lacquer repair of the work to me.
I requested restoration of his Teabowl to the japanner.
Restoration is fundamentally pasted up with a lacquer.
Gold etc. are applied on those Japanese lacquer.

In the studio where I requested restoration, the material was able to be chosen from five kinds (

Lusterless Gold.
Lusterless Silver.
Polish Gold.
Polish Silver.
Polish Red copper. 

My customer chose the lusterless silver which matches SEIGAN blue.
Since a SEIGAN blue Teabowl appeared just like the universe, he likened the Teabowl after restoration with the Galaxy by choosing silver as a repair material.

We waited for the repair period of about two months, and received the restored Teabowl.


Silver repair 02.jpg 

Silver repair 03.jpg



Silver repair 05.jpg 



Silver repair 06.jpgThe restored blue Teabowl looked true like the Galaxy of the universe!

Finally he desired to write a craftsman's restored signature to the reverse side of the lid of a storage box.

The craftsman who restored accepted his proposal pleasantly.


Silver repair 01.jpg 

The japanner's YAGI-San restored this Teabowl.

His studio is "URUSHI KOBO NUSHIYA" (Japanese lacquer studio NUSHIYA).
( .

I learned lot by this restoration.
The work after restoration was again born in a completely new work.
And the work was blown in a new life and showed the figure which is completely different to us.
I was able to realize anew the importance using a thing carefully and for a long time, and the traditional restoration technique of Japan which does not spoil beauty.


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