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My new works

April 27, 2009 3:08 PM  

My new works

KONNICHIWA!!! , I am Hidehisa of Magokorodo.

Although my work is the work which sells the pottery works of Japanese every place, I myself make ceramic works.

I think that I myself need to study more about pottery, in order to sell good works.

And my customers also have the ceramists in the world.

They do some shopping in my store, in order to add a new taste to its own works or to use their own works as a better work.

I decided that I myself made works, in order to reply to their question.

I have been only five years since I began ceramic art.

Since I find the interval of work and works are made, my arm is still unripe.

I did not have former that I introduced my own works on the Magokorodo website.

I made new works, in order to present to my friends this month.

I made white porcelain works for the first time.

These are bowls and chopstick rests.

Since I wanted to make the bowls in which the sharpness of white porcelain is not given, I made white porcelain clay from TEBINERI (pinching work).

Since I shaved the work to the limit, the weight of bowls is light.

And I used glass to some chopstick rests.

Although my ceramic art technique was unripe, I desired to leave my own works to my Website, before presenting my friends these works.

Thank you for seeing my poor English and works.









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