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February 26, 2010 3:27 PM  


Thank you for always visiting Website of MAGOKORODO!


Since the friend of Belgium sent fun pictures, I write about Bizen ware.


My friend sent the pictures of title "NEZUMI-BIZEN" to me.



20-12-2009 001.jpg 

20-12-2009 003.jpg 


20-12-2009 005.jpgNEZUMI is a "mouse" in Japanese.


The color which Japanese people usually imagine with a "mouse" is "gray."


"Gray" calls it "NEZUMI-IRO" in Japanese.


When "NEZUMI-BIZEN" written by my friend translates literally, it is "gray Bizen ware."


Although the work of a picture is not gray, they are "a mouse and Bizen ware."

His pet is "KAWAII"!


"NEZUMI" may be attached and expressed in the ceramics which changed into the non-oxygen state and were discolored bluish with Japanese pottery.




In the case of Bizen ware, "NEZUMI" does not use, but they are called "AO-BIZEN".


"AO" is "blue" in English.


There are two kinds of blue Bizen ware.






Ceramics will be in a strong reduction state, without fire touching directly, or the ceramics which became cooling reduction will become blue with the bright whole - blue - black.


This is called blue Bizen and these are especially treasured a few also in many colors.




Salt blue :


There are one more and salt blue in blue Bizen.


This is throwing in salt in kiln during firing, melts the surface by the alkali of salt and is made to color in blue by reduction.


These are kinds of salt glaze.

Since the surface is changed to glaze, unlike blue Bizen described previously, the surface is smooth.


In addition, a work can be put into the container called "MURO", non-oxygen can be made from the present age in a container in intentionally, and blue Bizen can be compulsorily made from it.


Black Bizen :


With black Bizen, the clay to which it colors black is applied to the ceramics surface, and it is made. Moreover, it is the Bizen ware which made and fired ceramics with the clay which becomes black. Black Bizen is called "INBE-TE" (INBE style).


* All the Bizen ware works currently sold in MAGOKORODO are fired with firewood, and the works which attached the pattern and the feature in intentionally are not sold.


I think that I would like to write next time about wonderful "water purification action" which Bizen ware has. 

ARIGATO GOZAIMASHITA for reading to the last!



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