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March 3, 2008 7:08 PM  


Japanese pottery boxes (Tomo-Bako or Awase-Bako) are a work of art and increase the value of the pottery piece. 


A master craftsman usually makes the box, smoothing the surface and joining it with wooden nails or just by joinery alone to other parts.  


The box also has calligraphy written on the box lid by the potter that includes information such as: style, kiln, form, year, and glaze. 


The potter's signature seal is usually stamped in the lower left corner of the box lid. 


Sometimes a piece of folded paper (Washi) will be placed over the lid to protect the calligraphy. 


The box is tied with a ribbon (Sanada-Himo or Hako-Himo) to keep the lid in place and to add class to the box. 


Please keep the box that your pottery came in and protect it from damage.