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Daisen ware : 大山焼

March 21, 2008 6:45 PM   Daisen ware : 大山焼




Daisen ware :

It is the DAISEN ware origin that the 12 generation of Daisen temple ZEN-KU chief priest made pottery.
Daisen ware which continued after that had also been giving up one's business at the Taisho term.
Toshiyuki Suzuki revived this Daisen ware and kiln was opened in 1970.
Toshiyuki Suzuki is continuing making the original simplicity which Daisen ware has, and the work which wove in present age feeling still now.
The iron glaze which was also Toshiyuki Suzuki's research task is mainly used, and the metal color which shows various expression is making the work using a blue porcelain, oil spot, KIN-YO, and ash glaze centering on TAMA-HAGANE-YO TEMMOKU glaze of the feature.

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