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Kazuwa ware : 上神焼

Kazuwa ware : 上神焼

March 21, 2008 6:42 PM   Kazuwa ware : 上神焼

HP-YamaneTamiya.jpg上神焼(かずわやき)窯元由来 :










上神山窯元 二代山根藤一



Kazuwa ware (KAZUWA-YAKI) kiln former origin :

Kazuwa ware was opened in treasure calendar year in ancient times, and continued with HAKUBI-SAN (伯尾山) and HAKUSYU-BISAN (伯州尾山).

The time went into Meiji and Kazuwa ware was manufactured under the name of KI-GYOKU (亀玉), HAKUMEN (伯面), and GYOKU-HAKU (玉伯).

When tradition tended to cease, first Toichi who studied under Hirano Douun (平野 洞雲) wished revival of Kazuwa, and opened the kiln of the Kazuwa mountain.

The style has received popularity from you as Kazuwa ware of the long tradition and vivid cinnabar.

Kazuwa ware has received honor, such as Japanese technical exhibition winning a contest and a purchase from the Imperial Household.

The second generation Toichi (Tamiya) studies under father Toichi, and presupposes that not only cinnabar but also new fields, such as an oil-spot temmoku and a KIN-SAI wood-fired in reduction, is its favorite.

Please use regularly.

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Kazuwa-san kiln, The second generation Toichi

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